This Month (February 2016)

This Month (February 2016)

By Temitope Ogunyinka.

What I Learnt This February

This month we had amazing contributors who shared their various perspectives on our theme for the month, ‘LOVE: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT?’

It all started with my post on What Love Is, I see love as a decision, and not a feeling. It is not about forcefully changing a person and it is not conditional; you should love on both good and bad times. I gave a long list of what we think love is, what love isn’t and what God says it is.

The Love Triangle, written by Oladapo Omotosho, brought an interesting and fresh perspective on love. He spoke about us knowing who it is we want to love, making a decision to go ahead in a relationship or not and then acting out that love. It was a pretty deep article and I loved it.

Ify Halim wrote on Redefining Love, she pushed us deeper into love by explaining how love doesn’t start and end with us. How love is an act of servitude to both man and God. We should ask actually seek out men and women who have flaws and invest time in helping them.

Beniboba Princewill wrote about How we could spend Valentines day, but then I see it as a way to show love to God and those around us. Loving up on God and basking in His presence is something we should do everyday.

Oreofe Olatunji blew me away when she wrote about God fighting for us in love in her article, Love’s War. She gave a personal touch to it and wrote a bit of herself and how she focused on her sin and felt she wasn’t good enough. But there was victory because God led her back to Himself. I learnt God fights for us through His love for us. No matter what I’m going through, God’s love fights for me and nothing can separate me from the Love of God.

Akinsola Tosin gave various examples of What Love Should Be, Love is a personal, consistent and continuous choice to care deeply for another individual. That’s an excerpt of the article. Loving another person is a continuous choice you make everyday.

Oladapo Omotosho, Love: What Do You Think Of It? So think love, decide to go ahead and love the ‘unlovable’; if there is anyone or anything like that. Decide that those undeserving of your love would get it and you importantly think of what the world would be without love. Seeing that excerpt of the article I know a couple of people who I find hard to love. But then in God’s eyes no one is unlovable. I pray for grace to love as I should love.

Temitope Ehirim, Love Puts U Before I. Love is sacrificing even when it’s not convenient. Love is showing affection, especially to total strangers. We should love others and not just ourselves.

Frances Okoro, on her personal story of loving God wholly as a single young woman. Frances shared her past and the relationships with men that were wrong for her. How God has transformed her story and made her the wonderful woman she is today. One really important thing I learnt from her is what purity really means. Purity is deeper than us using our bodies for whatever we want to do while leaving out the main sex part. God wants ALL of us.

And . . .

Seun Ajia’s words on FATHER. I loved this article. It gave a deeper meaning of who God the Father is that we read about in the Bible or hear people say. I know I have God as my Father who is there for me 100% and would never leave me. I have God as a Father that I can build an intimate relationship with and get to know Him better. It’s far more better than the relationship I have with my earthly father.

If you missed out on any of the posts you could click on the titles above and catch up. I hope you guys had an amazing February like I did. Next month promises to me more exciting as we would be talking on ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DIE TO?’ Don’t miss out on it. Subscribe to the website to get more wonderful articles.
But first, what did you learn this month? Would love to hear from you as well  🙂

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