Weights And Balances


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Here’s an article/story from my  beautiful, fun-loving friend and sister concerning us Christian Ladies maintaining chastity.
Men could read it as well… pass it on to your sisters, cousins, friends and even your girlfriend … share the word!


Weight is defined: [in terms of heaviness] as the quality of heaviness in things, determined by their mass or quantity of matter as acted on by the force of gravity that counteracts efforts to lift them or move them.

Balance is defined:  [in terms of the steadiness of state on a narrow base] a state in which a body or object remains reasonably steady in a particular position while resting on a base that is narrow or small relative to its other dimensions. For human beings, this most commonly involves remaining upright and steady on the feet.

[In terms of counterweight] something that offsets or counters the weight or influence of another element.

For every weight, there has to be a counterweight (in this case, corroborating weight for balance because a counterweight might be contradictory in its actions), or a force in action; else it is thrown off balance. Where there is no force or counterweight, you’re sure to experience issues or glitches in measurement to standard.

For example, weights and balances can be reviewed in terms of time. Time to laugh will have time to cry, time to sleep will have time to be awake, time to work will have time to rest, and time to live will surely have time to die.

    Now, for every young lady, there are weights and balances. I’m going to address the Christian young lady here, so please establish that fact deep within your mind when you read the words in the below document.

    There are weights and balances for the young Christian lady. There are only two in each context which must be taken into consideration for Christianity has extremes; no double standards. So, we have Right and Wrong, Truth and Untruth, Righteousness and Unrighteousness (Right-Living & Not-Right-Living), Bed-Undefiled and Pre-Marital-Sex, Love and Hate, Peace and War, Death and Life, Heaven and Hell. . .

    Sweetie, the list could go on. But it won’t because that will take all the space for the story I’m supposed to be telling you.
So there. Anyhow, when we are choosing weights and corroborating weights, in our lives, we need to be conscious of what direction they will take us in (towards God or away from God). And that affects how we live, act, walk, talk, eat, sleep, drink, gesture, sit, blah, blah, blah, have relationships. That last-mentioned will be my focus. But first, my story. . .

    It was the year 2012; the month of I-forget and the day has been buried so deep in my past that I can’t get it out. It was the year in which the National Youth Service Corp had uprooted me from my beloved home city of Lagos and planted me in the suburbs of Oyo State, the city of Ibadan to be precise.

    I would like to tell you all the fine details of my stay, but will be kind enough to limit it to the fact that I walked a lot. To the office, to the bike-station/stop, to the gate of the rather large estate I lived in, to the shop where different items were sold, yada, yada, yada. I walked. and it was on one fateful evening that I was walking the home that housed me during my stay that I heard a very unfamiliar voice call my name. Eyebrows raised – I think – I turned to see an unfamiliar young man striding towards me. He looked unfamiliar, was unfamiliar, but knew my name. I would later find out that his cousin whom I had met in times gone by was the kind benefactor to his finding out my name.

    Anyhow, I said a few kind words (I do so hate to be rude to people I meet for the first time) and we parted ways. I forgot about the unfamiliar stranger. It would be two months before we would meet again. And this time I met him properly. His name withheld, he called himself Black. That kind epithet dragged my mind a few spaces back to a point in time not too long ago when I had read Ted Dekker’s The Showdown, in which there was a devilish character called Black; Marsuvees Black. But you can find that out for yourself, because this young man in front of me, needless to say, got himself a very large notice sent to my brain to “BE CAREFUL” of him.

    I didn’t act wary immediately. We talked. We exchanged numbers. I got to find out that he was a Mr. Fix-It and all that detail I don’t care to include in this small note. Do I need to say that in that day of fast-growing technology, we exchanged BlackBerry Pins? No, I do not need to. But I will. We exchanged BlackBerry Pins; and got pinging.

    Our conversations were harmless; nothing bad, nothing to raise eyebrows about, and all that sort. The conversations were nothing. He would ask how I was doing, I would also ask back in the spirit of mindless, subconscious conversation. Then we would see a couple of times. Why, he even dropped me off a couple of times to keep me from walking the long road home. Especially since the company I was working with at the time had moments when on the spur, you were asked to travel the next day and would get back late. But that’s all minute detailing.

    Anyhow, the cherry started to get sour when he began to ask me questions like, “What texture is your skirt?” or “Have you ever been kissed?” or say things like, “Your lips look inviting” (yes, Pastor Dupe warned me about that one) or “This conversation is over” (every time I brought up God or Jesus). The cookie began to crumble until it finally did one time; that one evening when he asked if we could see. I told him we would only be able to see if he kept his hands to himself and stopped all the rubbish talk about kissing and touching, and all that nonsense that I shouldn’t be thinking of if I’m not married.

    He had said a couple of times that he’d rather be with a woman who is sexually active than be with a virgin on one of our talks about the bed being undefiled. I have nothing against ladies who are not virgins. I have something against ladies who are sleeping with guys that are not their husbands. There is no justification for it. Don’t send me comments with any justifications in them. Besides, I already told you about my views before I started.

Christian lady, if you want balance, don’t choose to be with the Wight that will throw you off balance and help you lose your footing.

Long story cut short, I told him off. Why?

I tried before to help him see, with gentle words why I could not do certain things or experience certain things. They do not edify and are not supported scripturally. So in as gentle a mean way as I could muster, I told him off. He called me selfish, but I love this kind of selfish because I refuse to share my body with a man that’s not my husband or share the problems of a man who’s had sex with more ladies than I know multiplied by the problems of all the ladies he’s slept with.

     My point is this, Christian lady. If you want balance, don’t choose to be with the weight that will throw you off balance and help you lose your footing. It will take mercy and maybe lots of crying to get you back what you’ll lose if you don’t take heed.

    Light and darkness cannot stay together; cannot work together. One has to die for the other to live, and since darkness cannot comprehend light or stand it, it will have to give way; except the light in question is burning low and dying. If you will select a corroborating weight from all the weights throwing themselves at you, please pick a weight that will pull you, if necessary, in the right direction, towards God; not the weight that will go one way and have you in the other direction, looking back each time, wondering what’s going wrong. What’s going wrong couldn’t be plainer than the nose on your face; getting together with that weight is an unequal yoking just as the Bible calls it.

    And lady, the bed undefiled is no joke. It’s not a loss of opportunity; it’s the wise choice, the right choice, the one that pleases God (Hebrews 13:4). Even if you’ve done it once or more times before, there’s mercy in the Father’s arms and He wants you to get what we all haven’t deserved – grace – and the glory of eternal life in Jesus.

So, dear lady, tell off that anti-balance weight and wait till God brings to you the corroborating weight that’ll keep you in the balance He wants for you.

Yours truly,

Simi Adeniyi.


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