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What People Are Saying About OUFL!



Hi everyone!

Loooonnnnggggeeeessssstttt time!!!!!!!

How are you guys doing? Missed you guys. 🙂

Okay so a lot has been going on with Once Upon a First Love. Testimonies arising from the book and all sorts. I’m so grateful to God for using me to write this. And like I tell everyone that asks me how I was able to write this I tell them it’s all on God! The storyline  . . . It’s God that kept giving me what to write and how the plot would be like.

I take no credit.

So I would love to share with you what people have been saying about it. Hopefully to encourage others into reading it.






The list goes on!

Also have a review on Bella Naija and Ufomaee’s blog.

People have also sent in their reviews to me. Wanting to be anonymous. How they have had relationships that didn’t work out and how the story spoke to them. Encouraged them that they were on the right track.

Just a lot of good things. I know God is set to do something using this book as a means of calling His people back to Him.

Don’t be left out.

You have a nudge to read the book? Please do so.

Have a wonderful day!

P.s Nene Onwusi please send me an email with your phone number.



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She is a devoted christian, passionate about bringing people to the knowledge of God’s true and unfailing love.

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